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Review: Vaude Hogan UL Argon 1-2P (red)


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Price when purchased (July 2013): £192.85
Price now (March 2014): £149.99 - £320

The Vaude Hogan UL (Ultralight) Argon 1-2P is Vaude's flagship minimalist "5 season" alpine expedition tent. Designed for expeditions where weight is a factor and conditions may be unpredictable, this tent comes with a silicone coated fly. Additionally the groundsheet is designed to withstand formic acid and all seams come tape sealed as standard. Weighing in at 1.5kg and packing down to the size of a 2 l soda bottle it is hard to find a reason not to pack it. With the specification indicating a 1-2 person tent it can be summarised as a luxurious 1 man or very cosy 2 man. Pitching this lightweight inner-first construction takes a little practice but with a little experimentation the process can be speed up significantly. The overall quality is outstanding and despite initially handling this tent very carefully the seasoned backpacker will soon realise that it may be light weight, but most definitely not delicate.

Head on view of the Vaude Hogan UL Argon. The porch flap in this configuration also acts as ventilation flap, although usually not quite this far open.

First impressions of this tent were sceptical. Due to its weight and size the temptation to turn the delivery box upside down and shake it wildly to find the missing parts is great. But once pitched everything makes perfect sense. With a 3,000 mm flysheet this tent is not designed for monsoon rain, but the 10,000 mm groundsheet will keep you dry almost anywhere. Although formic acid is not a major concern in the UK the groundsheet treatment also protects the tent from fertilisers and other potentially damaging substances. Color choice in tents is a somewhat personal opinion and Vaude have made the choice easy - either go for a natural green or a bright orange (referred to as red).

Hiding and therefore losing the Vaude Hogan UL Argon is near impossible.

Space within the tent is good but proportionate to the pack size. Two well-built walkers will be able to fit themselves into the tapering inner, but bags will have to stay outside. The vestibule provides just enough space for boots and essentials. Ventilation is excellent as the vestibule cover comes with a 4-way zip allowing for accurate adjustment of ventilation options as well as good ventilation in bad weather.

Rear view of the Vaude Hogan UL Argon pitched next to the Mountain Equipment AR Ultralight 2. Note the enforced sides giving more space in the foot end.

Due to the hybrid design the tent is sturdy and withstands weather well, if pitched correctly in relation to the wind. Pitching inner first can be problematic in high winds or rain, but Vaude have put a lot of thought into ensuring the tent is secure during the process. Fly and inner can be combined when pitching although this is where practice is invaluable to ensure poles are in the right place at the right time.

Side view of the Vaude Hogan UL Argon showing the porch size.

It is hard to find a significant flaw with this tent as it has clearly been designed with the end user in mind, although the pre-assembled 4-way pole comes close. The pole design seems unusual and impractical at first, but makes sense in terms of providing lightweight stability. The fly could have a slightly greater hydrostatic head, while the groundsheet probably does not need the full 10,000 mm. But all things considered the only real downside to this tent is the inner first pitch which will remain an inconvenience no matter the practice.


I can't wait to take this tent on some more demanding expeditions. Although on the heavy side for a 1 man, this tent provides a comfortable home from home in all 4 seasons. Thanks to the clever ventilation system the tent is well tempered whether you sleep on your own or share between two. When solo trekking this tent is now my go to accommodation.

Interior view of the Vaude Hogan UL Argon. My full 6'5'' (195cm) in the Snugpack Elite 1 sleeping bag with plenty of space for the bag. Two people can fit in this tent, but this is best not considered as an activity for the first date.

On duo trips I personally prefer a slightly bigger construction which can be packed between two. However, should weight be a major factor then this trusty companion will be a good choice for two friends or people with little need for personal space. 4.5/5 for being an inner-first pitch.

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  • Posted by Faram Khambatta on 22/09/16 8:26am

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the review.

    In the Vaude Hogan Argon, there is a ventilation mesh in the upper half of the door. Is there a non-mesh fabric panel behind the mesh that can be zipped shut if it gets too cold ?

    I've seen such panels in videos of the Vaude Taurus and the Big Agnes Slater tents, but couldn't find any info on the Vaude Hogan Argon.



  • Posted by pjgeng on 23/09/16 10:54pm

    Hi Faram,

    Glad you liked the review. The mesh panel at the top of the door is not adjustable. Though I have not yet come across a situation where I wanted to close it either - quite the opposite on still summer nights.


  • Posted by Faram Khambatta on 25/09/16 3:31am

    Thanks for the info Phil.

    I assumed Vaude would have added such a panel considering they call it a 5 season tent.


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