Phil Geng

Researcher, Climber, Mountaineer


As a postgraduate researcher in risk geographies and outdoor activist of well over a decade I am aiming to establish myself in the outdoor industry to kick start my dream career in the near future.

The outdoors are a passion of mine I can barely contain. Nothing depresses me more than looking out of the office window and knowing there are mountains to be climbed and rocks to be conquered. Come rain, wind, hail or snow the outdoors has never let me down. In order to one day make a living standing on the outside looking into this same window I am currently building my climbing profile and guiding experience. I am also using this blog as a means of getting my name out there both in terms of my research and in regards to my preferred career. While I hope to one day have conquered the mighty Eiger and Matterhorn my current focus is on the excellent and diverse countryside the UK has to offer. If you fancy some advice on walks and climbs in an area give me a shout and I'm sure I can point you in the right direction - there might even be a top-tip pub in there for you.
In the meantime I have worked as a climbing instructor and have been a long standing committee member of the University of Portsmouth Mountaineering and Climbing Club. Both of these positions have now given way to a full time post in IT while I complete my research part time. Once this journey is completed I will be moving on to pastures green and rock unclimbed to finally realise my dream. Until then please enjoy my reviews and ramblings and feel free to suggest any topic you would like me to discuss or cover.

As with any blog, mine is designed to provoke thought and constructive debate. Under no circumstances should any of the information be used and relied on solely and without consideration of other sources. A blog cannot replace the direct tuition of experienced guides and outdoor professionals concerning technical matters.